Destination Lake City Membership Guidelines

Updated 09-27-2022

Communication and Project Approval

  1. Before sending out public communication or initiating projects, please pass your plans by the DLC Board for approval. This guideline applies to:
    • Public communications (interviews, emails, newspaper articles, etc.) which represent the DLC or a DLC committee
    • Projects that require expenditures and/or liability insurance (the chair to submit a project approval form indicating needs for the project before commencing).
  2. To be successful, the DLC needs to be mindful of our focus and role.   Our members are counting on us to be value-added in what we do, and how we use their contact information as well.    The DLC Board is the body that makes those determinations:
    • Use of the DLC distribution list (including ‘reply all’) is reserved for communication by the DLC Board alone
    • To request that the DLC Board send out information on your behalf to the DLC distribution list:
      • First collaborate with the DLC Board by contacting the DLC President; allow sufficient lead time for the board to give feedback on whether a specific event fits with the DLC effort; the board will then determine whether and how the DLC will support/promote it.

Membership Requirement for DLC Board and Committee Chairs

  1. Anyone serving on the DLC Board or leading a DLC Committee is required to be a paid member of the DLC.

DLC Committee Meeting Minutes Requirement

  1. DLC committee chairs are required to send the monthly meeting minutes from their last meeting to prior to the last Wednesday of each month for review at the DLC Board Meeting.

Formation of new DLC Committees

  1. Anyone who is a DLC member, who wants to form a new committee under the DLC umbrella, may send a request to the DLC Board at to receive a New Committee form. Please fill out the form and send it to the DLC Board for review. The Board will assess whether the committee fits with the DLC mission of making Lake City a better place to live, work, play and visit and notify the applicant accordingly. If approved, all of the requirements of a committee herein will apply.

Access to materials and training from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

  1. The DLC is a member of this advisory organization ( Contact the DLC Board at for more information.